early child development

Early childhood is the period of greatest growth in a person’s life. Play and Learn with Miffy characters worldwide contribute to children's early childhood development.

It’s the period when the brain develops almost to its fullest. Children undergo rapid growth that is highly influenced by their environment. The early years are critical in the development of intelligence, personality, and social behaviour. Many challenges faced by grown-ups like health issues, but also poor literacy and numeracy, can be traced back to poor early child development (ECD).

‘Play and learn with miffy’ wants to contribute to this stage in a child’s life and, next to that, educate parents and caregivers of the importance of stimulating this early development process. Children around the world, particularly those living in poverty, could use some help with their development in order to initiate a fair start in life. Through stories and fun ECD tools, play and learn with miffy can contribute positively to children’s lives.