yoyo in venezuela

The co-creation process started with a children’s workshop. The children’s drawings formed an inspiring starting point for the Venezuelan team of writers, illustrators and early child development (ECD) specialists. 


There – in the Hacienda La Trinidad in the suburb of Caracas – the team worked on a new character. Dick Bruna’s legacy was analysed, potential animals were examined, Venezuelan customs were explored and a first story line was created.  

After eight intense days, the inevitable ups and downs, writer blocks, creative challenges and many many sketches – the first international character for Play and Learn with Miffy was born. They named him Yoyo.


The first outlines for the actual book and the hundreds of drawings, verses and storylines to get from sloth to Yoyo, were presented in an exhibition organised in the Hacienda. Friends, family, publishers and ECD specialists gathered. Yoyo was revealed by Dutch consul sir Luc Schillings and by the famous Dutch artist Cornelius Zitman. This is how life began for the young sloth Yoyo.