play and learn with miffy

New characters are co-created by local illustrators, writers and early child development (ECD) specialists, guided by Butterfly Works. Co-creation results in a new character which is in line with the experiences of children in that country.


Step 1. Children's workshop

A workshop is organised with children to get creative input by talking and drawing with them. The team will see how children experience the world.  


Step 2. Creative talent call

We set out a call in the country to scout a top notch creative team who have an affinity with children’s books. 

Step 3. Selection creative team & animal

Based on the children’s workshop and the work sent in by the creative talents, we select the creative team and decide which animal will be the new character.


Step 4. Co-design workshop

Following Dick Bruna’s style rules and adjusting them to cultural specific elements, the new character and its world is created in a 10-day workshop.


Step 5. Book launch

The books are now ready to be sold in the shops. Organisations working in the field of ECD also hand out the books in areas where it is most needed.


Step 6. A social and commercial programme

Alongside the book a social campaign creatively informs children and parents about basic themes in growing up. For Laddu in Pakistan, we for example made a song on washing hands, to encourage personal hygiene - Aao naa, gaao naa Apnay tum haathaun ko Dho O na. Merchandise can be created on the basis of the character to also generate a profit, part of which can be reinvested into ECD.